Mark Cuban Now “Gets” Women, BLM, & Single Payer Health Care; Deems Citizens as Customers of Government Who Want More than Traditional Solutions”

There is a need to make an effort to find a solution to the country’s health care problems.
Economy can’t be fixed by traditional Democratic trickle-down government programs.
Now apparent that direct compensation via jobs and stimulus programs can work.

Mark Cuban sold his company way back and has made a lot of money.
Now he has fun being a celebrity on SharkTank TV, judging other entrepreneurs;
Owns an Dallas Mavericks NBA Basketball team
Cuban becoming a respected thinker, doer, and philanthropist.
Some say he may run for President some day

SOLUTIONS: (As Mark Cuban advocates)

Health Care:
Max Effort needed to find solution to the country’s health care problems.
Create a health care program that is a hybrid of single-payer & open-market.
Do means-testing.
Problem is that we don’t need insurers for national programs.
Make the United States of America — the Treasury — the bank.
Would be means-tested but graduated up to 10 % of your income.
Would never pay more than 10 %t of your income for health care,

Treating everybody the same is not the same as treating everybody equally.
As for Black Live Matter, there’s a consequence if you’re not sensitized.
The perspective federal government should have about our citizens.
Should not be a country run by two political parties but by citizens

SAYS: [Some of What Mark Cuban said]

“I’m just looking to say —and this may be arrogant  how can I solve this problem?”

“If there’s uncertainty, I’m not going to try to hide it. I’d rather be open about my uncertainties and hopefully influence”

“OK, what have we seen that has worked? How do we get from here to where we need to be?” That’s what I’m trying to help figure out.”

New York Times Magazine

Note: F& S Digestion of Cuban’s Response to Questions from NYT Mag Interview , July 2020

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