OPERATION RETRAIN AUTOMOTIVE: Can a National Program be Mobilized to Retrain the Automotive Industry Work Force during the COVID19 Pandemic?

Are we training today’s workforce for tomorrows technology?
There is an emerging problem for skilled (and unskilled) automotive industry workers
They are gradually becoming not qualified to do their jobs.
With EVs to Robotics to Advanced Technology demand highly trained workers.
Are the mechanics & service teams ready for what they need to know in next 5 years?

Vehicle systems have become more complex with new technology.
Higher skill set & training are required to service EV & autonomous vehicles.
Necessitating a massive retraining of auto service infrastructure.
Principal driving need is the evolution to Autonomous Vehicles.
Existing auto service sector personnel will have limited career path.
Fewer dealership & service facilities compounds the competition for jobs.
Further, trainable young people not entering the industry & becoming technicians

SOLUTIONS : {Possible Action-ables:
Need for Industry leadership to make Retraining a Top Priority.
NADA, training companies, & OEMs should launch Industry-wide awareness campaign.
Industry consultants need to create new job descriptions. Standards, & Pay Grades.
Need to mobilize Industry training schools. consultants, & associations.
Structure higher comp plans and pay levels for new skill sets at all levels.
Create and market a redefinition of the scope of automotive service

STATS: [Before the Pandemic]
Key Stats that drive the Problem-Solution

1.5 million mechanic jobs in the U.S.
800,000 of them (53%) are auto mechanics
229,000 auto repair and maintenance centers in the U.S

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