Alexa Goes Along for the Drive Even Though Voice Recognition Systems Make Talking to Her Difficult; The Cloud, AI, & Machine Learning Can Fix That

Voice Recognition Systems in Autos like Alexa still are not like talking to her at home –yet.
Consumers are complaining about the features of the auto geared system.

Apparently, consumers are finding the system doesn’t recognize voices.
One has to carefully select key words to get Alexa to work.
Drivers have to memorize a menu to get Alexa talking.

Amazon & OEMs working on these challenges & comm issues.
Amazon Auto focused on entertainment, navigation, communication, hands free.
OEMs Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and BMW are integrating Amazon Alexa.

“When you think about that challenge, it’s almost like having to memorize a menu and then say things in a certain order without being able to see the menu,”  “That is a tough thing for human beings to do and a real challenge with those traditional voice recognition systems.”

We have heard a number of complaints about issues & features”—Arianne Walker, Amazon Auto Leader.

 Arianne Walker Presentation at CAR–

Automotive News article on August 10th Auto |








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