Did You Encounter a Jerk Today? Refusing to Wear a Mask or Keep a Safe Distance; How To Handle Jerky behavior & Feel Good About Yourself

We all have encountered people of late who are just plain jerks. Even a Bully.
Covid19 Pandemic with schools closing & politicos is compounding stress.

Both males & females can exhibit this behavior so not just guys.
People are failing to be on their best behavior.
Not all jerks are bullies. Jerks can just be obnoxious.

SOLUTIONS: What can you do when you encounter it?

Two part process in dealing with a jerk:

  1. Do not engage- Separate yourself from the encounter. 
  2. Be thankful about how well you handled the situation.

Not easy to stay positive when dealing with a jerk’s behavior.
Use mantras like “Just breathe” or “Never be dragged down”


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