On The Bot Delivery Service Working On Sidewalks With Human Assist & City Policy Maker Sanction

Bots are delivering restaurant food and other goods with a revenue model for companies like Kiwibot.
Cities search for policy on sidewalk use and robots delivering food and “stuff”

With some cringes from public and policy makers, 25 mobile Robots are on the streets of San Jose.
Moving about on sidewalks not the streets & roads like the competitors.
100 restaurants & partnering with Shopify and Ordermark.
Bots the size of a Cooler can deliver a 12 inch pizza and more.


A lot seems to depend on City government collaboration.  Find the benefits & applications.
Allowing the bots to work on the streets along with scooters and ride hailing.
Communities have work to get scooters off the streets now the Robots are multiplying.
Robotic makers seeking conversations with city officials on how to make bots work.
Kiwibots delivery bots are seeking to adapt to the needs of customers and city regulators.

Each Robot delivery has a charge of $3.99,
Kiwibots hopes to have 500 robot fleet in San Jose and other communities nearby.

SAYS: “We have an autonomous vehicle that can avoid obstacles” Our robots work today.  We don’t need to wait several years.

SOURCES:  Automotive News, August 17 issue  “Delivery bot chief touts partial autonomy” –


On the streets of San Jose. [Show me the way to San Jose]

Kiwibot delivery robots head to San Jose with new partners Shopify ...

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