New AI language-generating System, GPT-3, Produces Human-Like Text But Makes Errors & Generates Misinformation Causing Mistrust & Skepticism.

There is now a Third-generation language prediction model that “writes” text.
Model created in a series over past 3 years and versions.
Uses deep learning to produce human-like text.
Ambitious goal of steering the development of artificial general intelligence.
Something’s amiss: although its output is grammatical, & impressively idiomatic.
Doubters claim GPT-3 comprehension of the world is often seriously off;
Cannot really trust what it says. some say content output is delusional.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive language model
Created by OpenAI, SF-based artificial Intelligence research laboratory.
The most exciting new arrival in the world of AI looks like it has a future.
Human evaluators have difficulty distinguishing articles written by humans.
Potential to advance beneficial & harmful applications of language models.
OpenAI will begin charging companies for access to GPT-3.Hoping that its system can soon power a wide variety of AI products and services

GPT-3 can answer questions, write creative fiction & generate news articles.
This predictive model has is a tunnel-vision understanding of how words relate to one another.
Published May 28 paper says GPT – 3 could cause potential harmful effects.
Researchers described in detail the potential “harmful effects of GPT-3”.
Includes “misinformation, spam, phishing, abuse of legal and governmental processesfraudulent academic essay writing & social engineering pretexting”
AI experts draw attention to dangers &d call for research on risk mitigation.
Is a subtle game-playing program that can outthink humanity’s finest.
Or also a mechanically advanced robot that backflips like an Olympian.
System GPT-3  learns text & how people use words in relation to other words.
Like a massive act of cutting and pasting process, stitching variations on text.
Rather than digging deeply for the concepts that underlie those texts

July 29, 2020 review in The New York Times,-“GPT-3—which can generate computer code and poetry, as well as prose—is not just “amazing”, “spooky”, and “humbling”, but also “more than a little terrifying”.- SaidFarhad Manjoo

” AI is going to change the world, but GPT-3 is just a very early glimpse. We have a lot still to figure out.”

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory.
Consisting of the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP.
FoundedDecember 11, 2015;  Headquarters locationSan Francisco, CA
FoundersElon MuskSam AltmanIlya SutskeverGreg BrockmanWojciech ZarembaJohn Schulman

Experts Reviewed for this Posting”
Gary Marcus is founder and CEO of Robust.AI and was founder and CEO of Geometric Intelligence,  Professor emeritus at NYU, and author of five books i
Ernest Davis is a professor of computer science at New York University. He has authored four books, including Representations of Commonsense Knowledge.Farhad Manjoo

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