Cookies Crumble. Revolutionary Shift from Google to Cause Loss of its Cookies; Creating Biggest Comm Upheaval in Decade; Code Will Drop From Browser.

Google is dropping the use of Cookies. Cookies disappearing from the Jar.
Ad buyers are not  thrilled about Google Chrome’s decision.
Phasing out third party cookies in next 18 months.
Represents Breakup of Googles ad tech business;
News orgs still beholden to ad tech companies.
Rising numbers of people are pushing to ban behavioral advertising entirely
Dismantling system that incentivizes companies to gather data about daily lives.

Cookies kept things moving on the Internet & gain user data.
Cookies are tiny files that determine what ads get shown & to whom.
How ads track you to build user browser habits & purchasing preferences.
Ad agencies use demand side platforms to buy ad impressions programmatically.
Exchanges ran a real time bidding process.
Facebook will not be able to measure the effectiveness of their ads,
News organization turning to an online subscription model.
Companies that focus on contextual targeting, – GumGum,& Zefr, revving up,
Oracle Data Cloud is actively pulling away from risky third-party data .
Contextual is not going to “save programmatic ecosystem,”–Hard to measure;
This move is an opportunity to rebuild the digital advertising ecosystem

Media & publishers will have to act together to offset Cookie Loss.
Value of first party data has increased;
Take data ownership in-house & invested in customer data platforms.
Brands also have an opportunity to reset their targeting strategies.
Google is steering the ship & Chrome is driving force.
New entity called Turtledove being considered.

“Google’s decision to block third-party cookies … would threaten to substantially disrupt much of the infrastructure of today’s internet
without providing any viable alternative, and it may choke off the economic oxygen from advertising that startups and emerging companies need to survive,” –ANA and the 4A’s Joint statement .

“But there’s actually a lot you can do beyond keywords – and the fact is that even keywords are an extremely strong signal,” -Kurt Kratchman, SVP of product development at Oracle Data

$330B Digital Advertising Industry


“No need to mourn the death of the third-party cookie”-

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