How Men Talk to Women: Use of Gendered Language Perpetuates Major Obstacle for Women to Lead in the Workplace

Reality is that women face many more challenges in the workplace than men.
Workplaces are not really designed for women to succeed or rise to power positions.
Our Culture seems designed for women enter workplace in a lower position & to stay there.
Traditionally that is part of the gendered language and mentality of men in the workplace.
About women in certain jobs–“That is what they are good at.” as men are prone to say.

The use of gendered language in workspaces perpetuates male dominance.

And how it does not support or contribute to the success & growth of women.
There are 2 types of language used: communal language & agentic language.
Women who are outspoken, confident, who “get the job done” are given labels.
Such as — Drama Queen, Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer, & other derogatory epithets.
Implying that being “like a man” is a negative thing if you are a woman.
Despite obstacles women continue to slowly gain more positions of leadership,
But the statistics are still disproportional and more & more demand action. 

It is about the language that is used so that is what we need to change.
This language needs to change is because the needs of those who use it change.
The culture& emergence of New technology has contributed to this change.
The effort & refraining from using gendered language can start the change.

Change the evaluation process & feedback using agentic & communal language.
Use words that good leaders use to describe work of a woman.
Start using gender-inclusive language; Use “they” instead of “he” or “her.”
Steer away from words that end with “man”.
Recognize this is a first step toward empowering women in the workplace..


“We’re far from an ideal place where women and men make up higher positions almost equally”.- Kiana Laigo







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