Women of Color Automotive Network Formed To Do Something to Get Male Dominated Industry Talking & Acting on Race, Women Empowerment, & Gender Imbalance

The issues of women & race are still difficult for Auto Industry to Talk about.
Women of color and women in general are on their own in Automotive Industry.

Still an imbalance in industry leadership, management, and ownership.
Highest ranked women of color in the industry leaving GM CFO position.

Need for nonwhite women to lift themselves up & find open doors

Black Women rarely find diversity when they are only nonwhite in a group.

Makes black women feel alone & have different perceptions of industry.
Causes black women to see things differently & reach out for other racial groups.
Auto Work force still does not match the customer demographics.
WOCAN formed in response to George Floyd killing & racial injustice.
Black women in automotive wish this group had formed earlier in their careers.

New women’s organization to provide exposure, awareness & support.
Challenging to get people to talk about race particularly males.
Women in the industry focusing on paying it forward.
Fostering talk on Facebook & some hosting of educational webinars.
Efforts being made to push career development resources & list job openings.
Setting Up webinars, online private networking group, mentorship program, scholarships, regional events & job postings.


Patrice Banks, founder & CEO of the Girls Auto Clinic service repair shop
Amanda Gordon, founder and CEO of the Gojo Auto independent car dealership
Erikka Wells, sales and service marketing manager in the retail auto space
Kerri Wise, vice president of an automotive online marketplace

“It is hard to see it without being it” “ We want to expose women of color to other successful women in automotive who look like them, and also bring awareness to the various automotive career paths,”  – Amanda Gordon, CEO GoJo Auto.
“ We are really sitting the intersection of race and gender.”-Kerri Wise, TrueCar“
“Being ‘the only one’ can be isolating, intimidating, and can cause you to question if you belong. There were many times where I considered quitting the industry. But if I’m not willing to break barriers, who else will?”-  ” – Kerri Wise, TrueCar“
“It was challenging to find a network in automotive that provided a safe place to address the unique challenges I face as a woman of color. Sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of. So, we created WOCAN,” – Patrice Banks
“Diversity is a business decision and businesses that have a workforce that match its customer base have a competitive advantage,” – Erikka Wells

Women are 18% of the U.S. Work Force.
Women of Color represent only 6% of Automotive Industry 
[Women of color -Black, Latina, Asian, Native American & Pacific Islander]
3% of the automotive service technicians

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