Have the U.S. Tech Companies Let America Down? Where’s the Innovation & Global Leadership? Dropped the ball? Techs Seem to Focus on Making Money, Audience Size, & Not the Future .


Threats are China Tech Superiority, Russian Cyberattacks, U.S. Elections, Information Management & Public Safety
It seems like the U.S, technology companies have abducted their real role in communication, innovation, and trust.
The big tech companies and their leadership seems silent and preoccupied to the size of their audience and gaining as much advertising revenue as possible.
U.S. companies are not spending enough on Research and Development .
Tech companies seem to work on avoiding the regs of the U.S. government more than national interest.

Eric Schmidt, former Google leader, says we, the U.S. or they “dropped” the ball.
Companies have not funded basic research.
China has now displaced the U.S. as leading publisher of Research papers in 2018.
Shows how China focuses more on technology & AI than the U.S.
U.S. now revoking visas of Chinese students in the United States.

U.S. must allocate and provide more funding for more technology.
Allow international talent with high skills into the country.
U.S. should stop blocking Chinese tech companies
These Chinese companies perceived to be a threat to national security.
Meantime, China is now investing in its domestic economy.
Right strategy for a US-China relationship is what is called a ‘rivalry partnership’.
Would enable US to “collaborate with China, while also competing with them”

Huawei spends $20B per year on R& D

“This high skills immigration is crucial to American competitiveness, global competitiveness, building these new companies and so forth,”  “America does not have enough people with those skills.” –Dr Eric Schmidt

“When we’re rivals, we are rough, we are pursuing things. We’re competing hard, we’re trying to get advantage – real competition – which the US can do well, and which China can do well. But there’s also plenty of areas where we need to be partners.” – Dr Schmidt


Ex-Google boss Eric Schmidt: US ‘dropped the ball’ on innovation- https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54100001

Article by By Karishma Vaswani, Asia business correspondent

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