COVID Brings Fresh Vegetables to Your Door; Mobile App Moves Produce from Farmer Markets to Consumers With Easy Subscription Ordering & Regularly Scheduled Delivery.“

A number of new apps, web sites, and sources are popping up all over the country,
One with an apparent national strategy of delivering fresh vegetables to customer doors is
The app offers local produce in an easy ordering and convenient delivery service in major cities.

CropSwap app allows users to order subscription boxes of produce from local farms.

Company was founded in 2017 & has now added a App for easy ordering in new markets.
CropSwap is the instacart for local produce.
Provides subscription-based CropBoxes filled with local produce, seeds, & plants.

Customers can arrange subscription or regular deliveries.
Fresh produce growers post their produce offerings online.
Nearby farms arrange pickup and delivery service.
App has routing feature for delivery drivers.
Produce will be delivered within 12 hours of the order.
Answers the call for a smarter, more sustainable Food System.

Network has 50 farms source in LA, New York and St Louis.
Farmers pay 8% fee for each transaction & Consumers pay 10% with the order.
CropSwap has 20 employees

“We are bringing tech back down to this local space”-  Rob Reiner, CEO

“It’s a product that supports your local farmers and keeps the money directly in your local community

LA Business Journal 9-14 Issue. [Print]
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CropSwap Site:

Rob Reiner, CEO. CropSwap
Emily Johnston, Media Contact –

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