EV’s Are Expensive Because of the Cost of Lithium Batteries. Recycled Batteries Could Make EV’s More Affordable Using New Technology & Smelting Process.

09 24 2020

Electric vehicles are generally unaffordable.
Industry & market looking for solution & secret to affordable EVs.
Former Tesla Engineers could have the breakthrough answer.

Cost in battery production is in the recovering materials for Lithium-ion Power Train.
And where to find or a source of nickel, cobalt, lithium contributes .
Commodity prices of metals are high so mineral mining is costly.
Another factor is that China is building battery plants & competing.
EV Industry manufacturing process in the U.S. is apparently wasteful.

Batteries can be recycled through smelting, direct recovery, & other means.
Companies like Redwood Materials are working on recycling EV batteries.
Redwood uses ovens to melt down recycled batteries at up to 2,700 degrees.
Also recycling of scrapped battery materials from cell phones.
Hope is the recycled batteries will bring cost of EVs way down.
Industry seeking to create a closed loop process for costly materials.
Li-Cycle uses advanced recycling technologies to recover up to 100 % of lithium.
Effort is to use old batteries to provide new products & services;
For example, Nissan using repurposed batteries to power streetlights.

Redwood Materials workforce is 50 growing to 200.
By 2040, more than half of new-car sales & a third of the global fleet.
That will be 559 million vehicles that are projected to be electric.
Global stockpile of batteries is expected to be 3.4 M by 2025, vs 55,000 last year.

“ I am looking into the future and see this freight train coming at us.” – J D Straubel, Former Tesla Engineer, president is visionary driving the project.

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