The Management & Leadership of the Automotive Business Model & Platform Is Still Not Providing the Career Opportunity & Empowerment for Women.

Here are some Steps to accomplish Needed Power Balance:

Steps for Women Executives & industry leaders to the Top of Automotive:

Start at the top:The cultural change should begin in the C-suite.
Senior leaders should be aligned and lead by example to impress the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a critical business priority.
The specific areas they should focus on through a diversity lens include succession planning, board composition, and hiring practices.

Foster mentorship and sponsorship:
Women say formal and informal mentorship and sponsorship programs are the most effective tools a company can implement
Helps pave the way for attracting women to—and retaining them in—the industry.

Encourage women to pursue their career ambitions early and often:

To combat the perception of the industry’s worsening attitude toward women, leaders should find new ways to encourage women to pursue a career in the industry.
These initiatives could include a focus on: STEM subjects, engagement in the manufacturing sector, high school programs, & support for innovation competitions.

Learn from other industries:
Nearly 40 percent of the survey respondents believe that the education sector is the best at attracting and retaining women.
Automotive sector leaders should, therefore, develop a better understanding of what makes that sector so attractive
and explore opportunities to leverage specific ideas that could help drive women to the automotive sector.

If the industry wants to attract and retain a gender-diverse workforce, it should realign its cultural norms to make them more conducive for all;
Weed out the biases that discourage women from joining auto companies;
Help employees address their work/life balance needs better; facilitate them in drawing up their career maps; and provide adequate support and mentorship to help them speed ahead in the direction they want to go in.

Enhancing the representation and growth of a gender-diverse workforce across company ranks can, in turn, help enable auto companies to resolve the ongoing talent crisis and thereby potentially fuel their innovation initiatives.

This content was extracted from a Deloitte posting in 2022:

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Author: Bradd B. Craver
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