Making Air Mobility Projects Fly Challenged by High Costs, Safety Concerns, & Battery Weight; Auto Makers Acting Natural & Taking Flying Lessons

Cars are gonna fly. Some are already.
GM and others are now talking about air mobility.
Adoption constrained by trade off battery weight & payloads.

GM is looking into aviation, flying taxis, & considering future of air mobility.
Sees an application of the Ultium battery system. Calls it a Natural Next Step.
Some say sounds cool but only for the wealthy because of cost.
Voom startup did not zoom. Uber in the mix through Hyundai.
Toyota invested $394 M in Startup, Joby Aviation, is a possibility

Auto makers, particularly GM seeks to diversify.
Wants to examine possibility of electrification, autonomy, & connected services.
High costs, safety concerns, and regulations may limit deployment.
VTOL aircraft could to deliver urban area services.
Worsening of traffic condition could prompt development

Urban air mobility could become a $1.5 T Market per Morgan Stanley.

“There’s a reason traditional auto companies are interested in this space.”
“We believe innovation in  battery technology spurred by electric cars will
be central to electrifying broader transportation space.” – Asad Hussain, Pitchbook

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