What Do You Suppose Would Happen if Women Made All the Retail Automotive Management Decisions? Credit, Personnel, Sales & Service? If Owned & Ran the Store?

It’s a Problem:
Number of women working in F&I management industry is low relative to men.
Question might be: “Are Women Making Credit & Major Decisions in Dealerships”?
Or just doing the paperwork & talking to finance company?
Few women are in frontline management positions in dealerships.
Women, generally, are not making the management decisions in an auto dealership.

There is a need for more women in F&I Leadership & the dealership, in general.
Women working in F&I management are more effective at their jobs than men.
Women tend to be better listeners than men on average.
This skill set translates to more effective communications & sales skills.

Top performers auto dealership F&I management industry are female.
It is time to recognize this and bring more women to managing a dealership.
This can be “fixed” or solved simply by embarking on a sustained effort to find and develop women for management.

Only 19 % of F&I management professionals are women.
Women are the majority of employees working in auto dealership.
Most are in the office management & administrative positions.
Women in parts and service (13%), vehicle sales (9%)


Tony Dupaquier, director-training for F&I University, a division of American Financial and Automotive Services

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