Software Giant Oracle May Have Fallen Asleep; Gets Wake Up Call; Tiktok & White House Smooze Provide Reset Op to Take on Amazon AWS & More Cloud

Need for Reinvention Causing Acknowledged Tech Leader to fall behind.
Seeks Change in Direction in Relational Databases leaves Oracle trailing.
Odd Man Out Ellison & Oracle seek to regroup & reinvent.

Larry Ellison’s influence & market share in database management in doubt.
Possibility of Tiktok for Oracle cloud wakes up Ellison & Silicon Valley.
Oracle has fallen behind, now seeks to reinvent and rebrand.
Rise of specialized digital repositories on Open Source software.
Opportunity for Oracle in cloud bases applications & sales growing.
Seeks to show White House that it is a keeping U.S. data safe.

Oracles seeks to beat out Microsoft with Open SW & by supporting Trump.
Objective is for Tiktok to be ultimately hosted by Oracle’s cloud.
Oracle seeks to catch up in Cloud Computing & compete with Amazon.
Oracle’s next generation platform offer hundreds of local sub clouds,

Oracles Cloud Computing has sales of about $2B  vs Amazon at $40 B;
Oracle’s share of database market has fallen to 28% from 44% in 2013

“Better technology such as autonomous database which uses AI was once reserved for human IT Administrators now done by software updates” – Ted Friedman, Gartner.

“You have to respect Oracle for finding way to keep its self relevant” _ Jennifer Tejada, Pager Duty

SOURCE:  The Economist September 26 Issue “ Larry’s Last Stand”

Can TikTok help Oracle stay relevant in the cloud-computing age? –

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