Fifteen Horses Put Down at California Tracks August to October 1st. CA Bills Signed to Make Vet, Post Race, Testing, & Imaging Reports More Transparent.

Horses keep being put down at CA tracks in lessor numbers because of COVID.
Fifteen Horses total in 60 day period at 4 major tracks.
Horses under age of 5 are continued to raced. Bone development no matter.

COVID restrictions have  reduced dates & horses at 4 major tracks.

The California Horse Racing Board  does post a spread sheet listing deaths at http://racing_fatalities.aspx


Two New Horse and Jockey Safety Laws Passed in California; (See Below)

B 800
Provides greater access to veterinary records for racehorses.
Requires the reporting/publication of equine fatalities that occur at facilities. Publication of positive post-race test findings within 5 business days.

AB 1974
Provides for a range of safety measures.
Gives regulatory veterinarians authority to order diagnostic tests on horses.
Extends the time for removing horses from the Veterinarian’s Lists.
Creates more veterinary oversight for horses considered to be at risk.
Allows diagnostic imaging to be used for pre-race examinations,
Requires racing associations to provide areas for enhanced veterinary exams.
Enhances a whistleblower program & provides additional funding for safety.


Equine Fatalities – CALIFORNIA
Four Tracks, 15 Horses Put Down in from August  20 to October 1st.
Six at Los Alamitos

See actual Death Report –





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