At Last –An AI & Machine Learning System to Give Drivers, Fleet Managers, & Repair Facilities Complete Feedback on Vehicle Condition.

AI-Machine Learning System Seeks to Provide Complete Vehicle Management;
Knows Which & When Vehicles Need Repairs Ahead of Time Including Pending Failures.
New management tool & resources for fleet management.

Systems fills need for continuous data transfer between vehicles and the cloud.
Meets challenge of predicting & anticipating automotive part failures.
Machine learning manages, analyzes, & utilizes vehicle data.
Platform integrates existing infrastructure for connected vehicles.
Patented DriverSense algorithm builds an individualized vehicle profile.
Provides vehicle operators of the vehicle discovering characteristics.


Viaduct’s cloud platform derives actionable insights from connected vehicle data.
System powers applications such as predictive maintenance, driver personalization.
System seeks to provide complete vehicle management system.
Including monitoring driving behavior & tracking vehicle condition.
Vehicle automatically personalizes its adaptive driving systems.
Based on driver and how the vehicle is being driven.

Viaduct has built the data infrastructure needed to connect vehicles.
An analytics engine uses data to predict a part failure.
Does so on massive scale with multivariate time-series analysis.
Provides the intelligence layer so desperately needed.
Aggregates Usage Based Vehicle Insurance Underwriting from Third Party

Matej Drev , Head of Business Development;
David Hallac (right), Founder and CEO;
Scott Brady. Innovation Endeavors company

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