CA Gov Sez No Fracking Way; Then Wonders If His Plan Has Power to Stop Hydraulic Fracking by Big Oil; Political Dogfight Coming As Newsom Ponders

Gov Newsom has promised to faze out gas powered vehicles and fracking.
Meantime, Unions do not think Governor understands worker plight.
Appears that Issue being punted to CA legislature by contemplating Newsom.
Measures of this magnitude need full support of Newsom’s growing influence.

Issue seems to be jobs vs climate change in search of compromise.
Hydraulic fracking shoots hi pressure mix of water, sand, & chemicals.
Trade unions & oil companies beat back previous attempts to ban fracking.
Legal basis for the ban is still being formulated.

Cyclic Steam injection pumps super heated vapor to extract oil.
Process considered to be hazardous to workers.
Newsom proposed ban might also include steam fracking.
Environmental groups say Newsom has the authority to ban fracking.
Shrewd Newsom seems to think he doesn’t.
Some say Newsom talked big picture, then tempered his position.
COVID & Lack of time may delay bill action to 2022

“What are we going to do for them? Where are they going to go? – Blanca Rubio, Assembly woman, Baldwin Park;
“We think that an across the board ban is another attempt to kill an industry & stop us from meeting our own energy needs.”
– Robbie Hunter, Pres. State Building & Construction Trade Council

CA has 61,682 oil & gas wells.
638 wells use hydraulic fracking to produce 2% of oil & gas production.
20% of CA oil & gas production came from fracking over 10 yr. period.

SOURCE:  LAT 10 09 2020 – “Newsom’s Climate Change Challenge”

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