Passage of Horse Racing Bills By CA Legislature Adds Little to CHRB Regs & Vet Tests to Curb Horse Deaths – See Distilled Summary of Bills by Respected LA Times Journalist Spelling Out Detail.

By John Chewa Report of October 10, 2020 [ An Extracted Portion of John’s Total Report]

CA HORSE RACING BILLS (2) – Chewa Report   See this link for Content of John’s Report –

Here is John’s definitive summary of Two Horse Racing Bills passed by California Legislature & Signed by the Governor –

“ Let’s get to the substance of the bills. Mike Marten, the CHRB’s spokesperson, gathered up where all the provisions of these two bills are in the pipeline. You’ll see the

point I was making above. The bills become effective the first of 2021.”

SB 800

— The change that provides greater access to veterinary records does not require the CHRB to make or amend any rules.

— The change that requires the CHRB to publish racehorse fatalities on its website is already being done.

— The changes that amend the confidentiality of positive test samples and require the CHRB to post positive test results will require an update of CHRB rules as it relates to confidentiality.
The CHRB is developing a webpage to begin posting positive test confirmations beginning Jan. 1, 2021.

AB 1974

— Changes that give the CHRB the authority to adopt rules and regulations to advance the health, safety, welfare, and aftercare of racehorses. Does not require any action. (Isn’t that what the job of the CHRB is?)

— The new rule that gives track stewards discretion to subject horses to video surveillance who ship in on race days. This does not require any immediate action by the CHRB.

— The new rule that codifies restrictions for horses placed on the Veterinarian’s List is already a regulation(CHRB Rule 1688). The CHRB will update its existing regulations to align with some of the different layoff periods specified in the bill.

— The new rule that codifies restrictions for horses 4 years or older is already a regulation (CHRB Rule 1588). The CHRB will update its regulations to align with the stricter layoff periods specified in the bill.

— The new rule that implements statutory veterinary monitoring of morning training, medication restrictions, and diagnostic imaging use may require the CHRB to update or create new regulations. The CHRB is currently reviewing. (Finally, something new.)

— The new rule that requires a racing association to provide a location where a horse can be observed jogging as part of a pre race exam is for the tracks to do. It’s unclear if the CHRB has to create regulations for implementation.

— The new rule that requires the CHRB to establish and maintain a whistleblower program is already in effect.

— The new rule that creates a fund in the State Treasury for the collection of license fees to support safety measures does not require regulatory action by the CHRB.


John Cherwa is a special contributor to the Los Angeles Times. {See Photo below] 

Currently, his major coverage area is horse racing, where he writes a Racing! newsletter
and also covers big races plus does general assignment work for the sports department.





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