Car Deaths in the Dark: ESS Proposing New Technology in Vehicle Hazard Lighting to NHTSA & Auto Makers; Signals Automatic Warning of Night Time Crash Ahead.

Need for new technology to prevent deaths & injuries from night time crashes.
Emergency Safety Solution has sent lighting proposal & request to NHTSA & 6 automakers.
NHTEA & Some OEMs reviewing and evaluating request to add hazard lighting.
Lighting needs to be in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Standard #108

The stakes are high for actually adding automatic hazard lights.
Such systems automatically signals a crash ahead.
High intensity hazard lamps effectively signal disabled vehicle ahead.
Los Vegas Raider, Chris Smith’s girl friend died in a disabled vehicle accident.
Hazard light technology has not been updated since 1951 or 70 years


Auto industry needs to implement new technology to prevent such deaths.
ESS has developed Hazard Enhanced Lighting Package (Called HELP].
Involves flash pattern that significantly alters the architecture of the vehicle.
LED provides brighter and faster flashing.(5 flashes per second)
Digital alerts are automatically sent to nearby approaching vehicles.
NHTSA to require advanced driver-assistance systems & automatic braking systems.


Has Two Activation Modes
H.E.L.P. can be deployed manually or automatically upon an emergency event, in conjunction with other emergency equipment inside the vehicle.

1) Auto Deployment
High flash rate emergency lights activate automatically upon a collision.
Proposed to part of a vehicle’s emergency detection system.

2) Manual Activation:
Simple two-click hazard lighting switch activation .
Works in conjunction with other emergency equipment inside the vehicle.

Number of such crashes each year = 7.000; and  556 fatalities

Chris Smith,  LV Raiders
David Tucker, ESS CEO
Cathy Chase. Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

Team of 20 people & Eight Board members.
Holds 46 patents & is technology licensor.

Emergency Safety Solutions, Inc.
825 Town and Country Lane
Suite 1200, Houston, TX 7702

Automotive News, October 12 2020 issue page 14 – “Road Hazards Could be Seen in a New Light”.

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