Yes, COVID-19 Will Force The Change of Higher Education; With Zoom Could Save It With Solutions for a Rapid Pivot of the Business Model

 NOTE:  This is a visionary initiative on the Future of Higher Education
by Michael Pochan, former Adjunct Teaching Professor and cashed-out software entrepreneur

Disruption of higher education in universities and colleges is not over.
COVID-19 lit the fuse for greater disruptions to come.
There are actions that can be launched within the current ivy-draped halls immediately.
Such as:
1. Cast a wider net to serve students ages 18 to forever with Lifelong Learning.
2. Break down the existing curricula into their granular learning concepts

Zoom to the Rescue: This technology has provided the platform for dialogue & review.
The COVID-19  disruption smashed the traditional in-person, in-classroom model in 48 hours.
All students were sent home, but thank God for Zoom.
It is amazing how many educational institutions in K -12 and Higher Education made an  incredibly rapid transition to online.
More Disruption To Come Not Less: Disruption of higher education in universities and colleges is not over.

The Problems with or Complaints about Higher Education in the last 10 years:
1) Perception of too-high Tuition
2) Massive accumulation of Student Debt
3) Declining Enrollment because of less 18-year-olds
4) Covid-19 disruption heightened as people question & become uncertain
5) Basic need for higher education seeks to counter  accusations of worthless degrees & the lack of people in the trades.

SOLUTION(S):    What does a University do?

There are actions that can be launched within the current ivy-draped halls immediately.

Cast a Wider Net for idea & solution;  Innovate Forever
Rethink of the Entire High Education Business Model.
Integrate Zoom technology into the entire education process.
Make all of us students for Lifetime Learning. Embrace continuous ‘Lifelong Learning’.
Realize that  technology is changing things on a daily basis.
Become members of a ‘Learning Community’ that moves forward together.
Acknowledge that Lifelong Learning has no end, no graduation.
Needs to age and gain appropriate experience


  1. Create the ongoing continuous learning that is needed
  2. Figure out how to charge for it.
  3. Seek to remain in the old 4-year model
  4. New teaching professionals work with expanded adult learning community

A Student / Customer Relationship or Infrastructure would be in the workforce.
Lifelong Learning would be available along with the Learning Community.
This Community still includes their original professors & teachers
Includes Private Practitioners to expand the knowledge base.
The Student / Customer can come back to Learning Community to seek new learning concepts.

SOURCE: The Author-Consultant of this Innovative Idea:
Michael Pochan is a very successful entrepreneur and visionary.
Mike sold his company and became an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon.
Time as innovator of business models & tech serves caused him to begin contemplating what was or is needed to make higher education work in the age of Pandemics and disruption.
Mike spent seven years as an adjunct teaching professor at Carnegie Mellon & Three years in Executive Education
After a 15-year tour of duty as a  bootstrap software entrepreneur and an observant of all things significant and worthy of change.

Contact Mike for More Input, Changes, and Challenges:



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