New LA Firefighter Robot Gaining Traction by Entering Burning Buildings & the Halls of Civic Government; Goes Where Humans Can’t to Deliver Water & Foam.

Fire fighters need all the tools, resources, and equipment possible.
Entering burning building is very dangerous & threatenS lives of fire fighters.
Robotic Systems developed an inferno buster for Urban Search & Rescue Division.
Possibly could help fight the massive forest fires ravaging California presently.

LA Fire Dept acquired tractor like robot RS3; Looks like something out of Star Wars.
Vehicle is the size of small car & can go into dangerous burning buildings safely

Mini robot delivers a powerful flow of water and foam from inside burning building.
Can prevent possible injury to fire fighters & damage from hazardous materials.
RS3 crawling robot gives fire fighters a safer alternative to entering burning buildings.
Front end plow pushes way into a building fire and fights fire from inside.

11 LA Fire Fighter injured in burning buildings so far this year.

 “Los Angeles continues to be at the fore front of innovations” – LA City Council Person, Monica Rodriquez.

LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas
Monica Rodriquez, LA Councilwoman
Richard Winton, LA Times Reporter
LA City Fire Station 3
Seeking Contact at Robotic Systems

LA’s newest firefighter, a robot, can go where humans can’t –

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