Forget Retiring: Older Entrepreneurs Going After Longevity Market. Employing Skills to Deliver Services to Their Aging Counter Parts. No Retirement Needed.”

Older People Not Retiring But Developing New Business for Their Demos & Age Group.
Turning their life long skills into encore careers and filling a need.

Seniors are focused on figuring out new & next move or project.
Trends: Growth of longevity market & late in life entrepreneurs.
Older people thinking about what services are needed by counter parts.

Advocacy by retirement age people of the causes, issues, and needs of older people.
Helping people who are lost in the medical systems & its complexities.
Providing services aging population needs in & out of home setting.
Being patients advocates, management assistants, & contractors.
Retired Tech workers finding need for skills & experience to help other seniors.

25% of new entrepreneurs in 2019 were 55-64 years of age.
People over 50 spend over $5.6 T per year on goods & services.
Predicted to be up 45% by 2050

“It was a light bulb” (When She Saw the market Opportunity)- Mary Anne Hardy

“I don’t really need to retire”. I can run a business and doing something good for the community” – Norman Miosi, former software salesman – now Chef.

SOURCE: New York Times, October 18 Issue

“Joining and Now Working for, an Older Crown: –

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