Hungry Super Enzyme That Eats & Bio-degrades Plastics Bottles in Days May Soon Be Boon to Recyclers, Bio Fuels, Water Bottlers, & Environmentalists.

Researchers have re-engineered plastic-eating enzyme to degrade bottles.
And to break down millions of plastic bottles with in a few days.
Degrading might be ready to start eating your plastic trash as soon as next year

Super-enzyme degrades plastic bottles six times faster than before.
Could be used for recycling process within a year or two.
Original idea discovered from composting heaps of leaves.
Can degrades 90% of plastic bottles within 10 hrs; requires heating above 70C

How does it work?
Super-enzyme, derived from bacteria  naturally evolved the ability to eat plastic.
Thus could enable the full recycling of the bottles & other plastics.
Super enzymes combine PET & MHETase.
Mixture of the two breaks down PET twice as fast as PETase on its own.
Connects two enzymes increased the speed by a further three times.
Technique is commonly used in the biofuels industry.
Uses enzymes to break down cellulases.
Combining different approaches could speed toward commercial use.

“If we can make better, faster enzymes by linking them together and provide them to companies like Carbios, and work in partnership, we could start doing this within the next year or two”
—- Prof John McGeehan, director of the Centre for Enzyme Innovation (CEI).

Volume of plastic entering the ocean could nearly triple to 29 million metric tons per year by 2040.

Scientists create ‘super enzyme’ that eats plastic bottles six times faster –

New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster –

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