Smart Cities Mobilizing Vehicle Road Dynamics Insight to Gain Real Time View of Traffic Planning & Road Maintenance; AV’s May Reduce Volume, Increase Flow.

10 29 2020

There is an obvious if not overwhelming need to reduce traffic flow in cities.
City street maps aren’t sufficiently detailed to help AVs to get around safely.
There are key factors that must be addressed to mitigate heavy traffic flow.

Cities need not wait for mass adoption of AVs to reduce traffic congestion.
Cities should utilize vehicle, road & vehicle-road dynamic insights.
Will provide a more comprehensive real-time view of city infrastructure.
Need grasp of surrounding environments in order to safely navigate the streets

Unclear if autonomous vehicles (AVs) will  improve traffic flow in cities.
Road evaluation & Process can provide technology & process now available.
Surface DNA from Tactile Mobility looks for characteristics of a road or street.
Such as roadway grades, banking, curvature, & mapping of hazards (potholes)
Tactile Mobility is currently working with road authorities, municipalities & OEMS..
Believes that cities should utilize vehicle, road & vehicle- road dynamic insights.
Get more comprehensive real-time view of city infrastructure &improve traffic.
Tactile supplies data & insights to support timely road maintenance & planning.

“Driverless vehicles must be able to not only “see” the road via intelligent vision systems,
but must also “feel” the grip, bumps, curvatures, hazards, inclement weather etc. under their tires.”– Boaz Mizrachi, founder/CTO of Tactile Mobility

KEY CONTACTS: [For more action-ables from this technology]
Eitan Grosbard, VP of Business Development & Marketing of Tactile Mobility

Arielle Albert, Headline Media
Boaz Mizrachi, founder and CTO of Tactile Mobility

Release from Headline Media –

Tactile Mobility, Soncino Street. Tel Aviv

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