Putting a New Lid on The To-Go Coffee Cup.

11 02 20

Four Million plastic lids from coffee cups are waste management problem.
Meantime, single-use cups & lids continue to pile up in landfills.
Some plastic cup lids are difficult to recycle and costly to do so

Whopping 64% of Americans enjoy a cup of joe every day.
Most have plastic cup lids are made with #6 or #7 plastic.
Most lids contain and release a harmful chemical called BPA, hard polystyrene.
BPA is a known thyroid and endocrine disruptor & BPA chemicals impair hormone.
Paper sleeve generally are recyclable.

The Trouble with Coffee Cup Lids:
Plastic lids might prevent spills but polystyrene #6, is difficult to recycle.
Recycling and converting into reusable plastic is often too costly.
Sorting, cleaning, & melting polypropylene more expensive than virgin lids.
Coffee cups are tossed into the recycle bin with lids-Need to be processed separate recycling streams.

Starbucks sought to redesign coffee lids to provide straw-free sipping option.
Innovator Unocup has a new to-go paper coffee cup with design that replaces plastic lids.
New cup produces Latte friendly, spill resistant, inexpensive, & recyclable cup-lid design.
Cup-lid container is 100% plastic free & compostable with own lid as integrated top.
The cup is easy to fold, hold, drink from, and reopen

U.S. customers use an estimated 16 billion disposable coffee cups each year.
8.25 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean each year.
Plastic lids produce 20,000 tons of waste every year; 4M coffee lids a day,
NYC alone uses about 1.5 billion lids a year.

“If the public thinks that recycling is working, then they are not going to be as concerned about the environment,” Larry Thomas, former president of the
Society of the Plastics Industry,–Steve Russell, the industry’s spokesman.

Fixing recycling is an imperative, and we’ve got to get it right,”
“I understand there is doubt and cynicism. That’s going to exist. But check back in. We’re there.” -Steve Russell, the industry’s spokesman.

Based in NYC
Tom Chan, Co-founder: tom.chan@unocup.com
Kaanur Papo, Co-founder: kpapo@unocup.com

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