Remote Work, AI Robots, & VR to Rule

11 04 2020

Who is in Control that Work Robot? How, from where, and by skilled humanoids & learning robots.
Combined impact of COVID 19, Robotics, knowledge workers at home, & telepresence to change how work is done post COVID 19.
Telepresence will even hold virtual meetings to coordinate with workers in the field.
More service sectors jobs will be transitioned to trained AI Robots using new technology.
Smart glasses & drones are accelerating use of telepresence technology.

Workers can now do any job from anywhere; Communications & pixels now changed.
Robots, drones, & people can now be controlled remotely by skilled knowledge workers.
Technology now provides the ability of skilled workers to interact with another place.
Constraint: Cost of system & remote worker is still greater than in person worker.
Pandemic is contributing to rapid adoption of telepresence & remote communications.
Jobs being outsourced to VR head set equipped workers who act as call centers.
Has created need for more diverse & specialized jobs for more people who need to be retrained.

, (Japan)  is first commercial application of remote robotic; Technology solving chronic labor shortage in Japan.
The use & application of telepresence with AI will teach a job to an AI programmed robot.
Telerobotics will then be a trained replacement for human worker run by cloud based AI.
Use of smart glasses & VR will enable front line workers to share what they see.
Remote expertise then becomes a screen sharing activity to control workers located elsewhere.
Visualize: A remote worker sitting in ergonomic chair headset, looking at screen & relaying instructions.

Drone maintenance company, Robotic Skies, sends Google Glass headsets to clients.
Such as aircraft mechanics who then can receive repair instructions remotely.
Boeing and Accenture using this technology right now.
Similarly, Amazon cashless check out does this along with robots stocking shelves.

Telexistence  (Japan)
Upskill (Austin TX)

Two out of three jobs are now in the service sector of U.S. economy.

“We want to be a platform on which people will be released from any restrictions of distance & time” – Yuichiro Hikosaka, Board Member, Telexistence

WSJ Report  – “ Remote Work Won’t Be Just for White Collar Workers” –

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