Trash Talk. Your Junk Mail is Hot & About to Become TP or Delivery Boxes

COVID has forced people to work at home, generating more & new paper trash.
Those people working at Home are producing junk paper at home not their offices.
So paper Industry has found this Junk mail can be substitute source for recycling.
Now Junk mail sent to your house is hot commodity for recycling industry.

Paper & cardboard mills have figured out how to turn trash into products.
Making new kind of toilet paper, coffee cups, paper towels, & cardboard boxes.
Forget sending such trash to China; Save & send to  U.S. recycling plants.
Price of Mixed paper increasing to $30 per ton along with demand.
Card Board delivery boxes are now more valuable.

Food take out & packaging need paper containers for remote delivery.
So processes and channels to retrieve junk mail have been developed.
Use of mixed paper possible by better screening & need for delivery boxes.
Filter being used to remove polyethylene from paper cups for recycling.
Once biodegradable junk mail is being recycled into new paper products.

Georgia Pacific invested $45 M in mills in WI & OK.
U.S. recycling is up 7% while Shredding off 40%;
Corrugated Cardboard production makes up 1/3 of recycled paper.

“You are definitely seeing more old corrugated cardboard from residential recycling programs since COVID.”– Kevin Hudson, VP Recycled Fiber for WestRock

”Delivery Boxes Bring New Life to Recycling” – WSJ 11 18 20 –

Key People, Companies, & Associations that are making this happen: :

John Mulcahy, VP, Sustainability,  Georgia Pacific
Solid Waste Association of North America
Brent Bell, VP,  Recycling, Waste Management
Bill Moore, Recycling Consultant
Texas Recycling Inc
Joel Litman, Mill Owner

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