Come On– Hyundai Buying Talented Robots to Make Walking Cars?


The robots that Boston Dynamics developed in 28 years impacting talent, work & training.
The Boston Dynamics robots are so talented they are almost parlor tricks.
Enamored Softbank owns BD but is about to sell it to Hyundai for $1B.
BD’s robots are known for fluid movements & human like machines.
Spot, the Robot Dog, is a You Tube sensation. Handle is in the wings.

SoftBank Is in Talks to Sell Robot Maker Boston Dynamics to Hyundai.
Boston Dynamics has been on the leading edge of robotics for years.
Seeks parent that will get deeper in to the technology & relationship of company
Many Boston Dynamics innovations funded by DARPA. Who knows where & how used.
New BD robot named Handle coming out in 2 years can move boxes & load trucks.

Problem has been Boston Dynamics has lost lots of money over 28 years of life.
CEO was replaced in 2019; Investors sought profits & even sold once to Google.
Recently, BD has tripled its staff to 300 & moved to new headquarters.
Company held User conference with 800 attendees recently.
Spot & Robots can do dangerous inspection tasks, even take temperatures.
Robots are doing new tasks better, cheaper, and quicker than Drones.
BD has sought to commercialize products like warehouse fulfillment applications.

“Could these robots do something we haven’t thought of yet?” – Remy Glaisner, IDC Analyst.

Owning BD cost Softbank $150 M per year. Really amounted to a loss.
BD has sold over 400 of the robotic machines; $22 M in Revenue.


“Talented Robots”  Business Week Print Issue – 11 23 2020

QUESTIONS Being Asked:
What will Hyundai do with Boston Dynamics? Really a Walking Car?
Is there a new kind of transportation mobility in the making?
Can U.S. train people fast enough to do new jobs that have been taken over by robots?


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