You are Very Successful; You Are a Board Member? And Still Nobody Really Listens to Your Advice. Whadayado?

Getting other managers of your company to listen to you can be challenging
So how is being on a company management team like being on a Corporate Board?
Getting attention, inclusion, & credibility is a challenge for members of Board.
The same is true for company management, committees, and even consultants.
Further, the role of directors & even consultants is seldom spelled out by companies.

Can corporate America learn from what goes on Boards of Directors meeting?
You finally have standing in your industry, among peers, & the press.
You asked to be on a Board so you can offer your sage advice & experience.
You have been designated as an “Non-Executive director” on these corporate boards.
The task for you & fellow directors is know enough to challenge executive team.
Are members of a management team of your company confounded by the same problem?

Here is a book that was written for Board members but applies to management. [SEE BELOW]
See what you learn from the experiences & actions of current Board Members in insider guide.
Get your company CEO  to tell directors (& management) what is really going on.
Actually do same thing with your company management; Your team is like a Board.
Realize that advice really applies & is adopted  if your input is reaching management.
Experienced, knowledgeable directors can save a company from disaster. You can, too.

How to play the board game”  – The Economist,11 21 2020 –

Get this timely book.  Even if you are not a Director or may never be, it is filled with examples of
how you can gain attention for your ideas in a management environment. .
“On Board: The Insider’s Guide to Surviving Life in the Boardroom” by SirJohn Tusa

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