Sorry, Your Genes Control Sequencing, Not You–But Knowing Your Genome Can Make Your Future Care Precise & Targeted Just for You Alone.

Genetic medicine has evolved to delivering care based on genomic medicine.
Exome sequencing is part of  an emerging field in Genetic or precision medicine.
UCLA & Regeneron have set up a exome genetic sequencing reach agreement.
Sequencing Involves collection of blood & tissue samples as part of genotyping effort.
Regeneron has developed World’s largest genetic database so is leading the field;

Goal is to develop & deliver personal care based on individual genome.
This approach to care is emerging as part of field of genomic or precision medicine.
Provides basis for treatment of patients based on their specific genetic makeup.
Thus enables targeted treatment to now be individualized.
Is Watershed moment in timeline of preventative measures & targeted treatment.
Is turning point in UCLA research & will change the way personal care is delivered.

UCLA Medical & Regeneron collaborating to gain patient genetic data.
Objective of collaboration is to identify genetic factors that cause diseases.
Project will analyze protein–coding genes & their mutations simultaneously.
Previously Genetic typing enabled analysis of only one potential mutation at a time.
Regeneron’s genetic center pairs sequenced exomes with health records.
Results of sequencing may help predict risk & guide followup testing of patients.
Will help deliver better & new treatments & genetic variability of populations

Project will reach & involve 150,000 UCLA patients.
Include Health records from 1 M people & 100 global health & academic institutions.

LA Business Journal Article 11 30 2020 Issue – “Regeneron, UCLA Team for Project”;
Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc.

Daniel Geschwind, chancellor of UCLA Institute of Precision Medicine.
Atlas Community Health

John Mazziotta, CEO UCLA Health

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