Ten Things To Remember: Particularly If You are a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, & Shaper of All Things Significant or Just in the Dumper

Here is a list of TEN Things for Your Psyche, Soul, and Soup.
See if any of these cause you to relate, reset, or regain what you are about.
The list is at least three years old or done before COVID & Confusion set in.
Now updated and rediscovered for the Masked Ones keeping their distance.

Here is the LIST, down the page,  See Link in SOURCE below.
Consider print out, post on Wall, Send to like minded friend, or produce your own list and share

TEN THINGS for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, & Millennials to Remember:

” It is impossible to get more than you give”

“Only the paranoid survive”

“Have a reason to get out bed every morning”

“There is no such thing as an original idea.”

“You got to have a fire in your belly”

“Do it now –Or It will probably never happen or get done”

“There is a reason why something or somebody ends up in front of you”

“Early ripe, early rot– Prevail No Matter”

“Don’t Complain and don’t explain’

“Nothing happens til somebody sells something ” 

Publisher of Fixesandsolutions.com December 2020

TEN THINGS for Entrepreneurs (2020)



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