CHRB Lasix Ban for Race Horses in 2021 Meets Reluctance; Industry Leadership Bets on Integrity Act & Drug Ban to Stop Deaths; Time to Claim Action Not Horses?

Somehow it seems fair to say –Changes in Horse Racing are slow to leave the gate.
To date, agencies, journalists, & legislators are deep in words & slow  Ineffectual with Action.
The CHRB ban on Lasix seeks to show that the Industry is serious about horse safety.
This reg plus newly proposed pending laws & Public Relations releases have yet to do it.
Made good start but still not enough transparency, trustworthy action, & oversight.
Ineffectual Industry leadership & organizations prevails–No Central State or National authority.
Horse pubs do not adequately cover what is or is not happening to horses before races at U.S. tracks.

SOLUTIONS:  – Action-ables
Drug bans and increased vet exams are step in the right direction.
Need to stop racing young undeveloped horses or when mature at 5 years plus.
Create transparency about what really goes on in the paddocks & training.
Conduct Immediate Horse Death Autopsies on & off track, then publish openly.
Establish Pre-Race Tracking & Reporting Horse Exam Process by vets & Boards.
Provide Certification of Horse Training Schedules, Condition, & Fitness for Racing.
Provide Track Vet Empowerment, Reporting & Regulatory Authority.
Propose & adopt Standardized National Racing Standards & Regulations.
Ban Use of certain drugs & end cheating that violates Training standards.
Establish Testing & Monitoring by Vets & Trainers to Keep horses sound.

No Lasix at California tracks in 2021; Finally got there.
Need published reports that reveal horse condition before post time.
Create published Sign Off Check List Process– Vet, Trainer, Owner, Track Officials.
Require use of PET Scans-  Perform & openly report results to racing public.
Trainer Assessments– Require sign off & create liability for not reporting problems.
Establish Vet “Certification of Fitness to Race” sign off -Publish before post time

Note the Death Reporting Deficiency of the California Horse Racing Board.
The CHRB Death Reports on Website are nearly 2 years old & hard to find on site.

“No Lasix for Most Santa Anita, Del Mar, Golden Gate Stakes in 2021”–

Grayson-Davis Center for Equine Health
Stronach Group donated $500,000 to UC Davis
Mark Casse [Trainer]

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