A Slimy Growth Inside the Pipes in Your House Can Make You Ill or Cause Death: Contributes to Outbreaks Causing over 7M illnesses & 6,000 deaths Every Year.

America’s newest water safety challenge is in the pipes in your house.
US water supply is facing a new challenge — a slimy growth inside these pipes.
The problem or the need for action seems to be with private homes & local water systems.
Biofilm, glue-like mixture of bacteria, fungi, amoebas & other microorganisms, is in these home pipes.
Living inside some of the 6 M miles of plumbing that support drinking, sanitation, hygiene, cooling & heating systems.
Found in home & industrial plumbing, hot tubs, recreational pools & water parks.

New CDC study says outbreaks of over 7 M illnesses & 6,000 deaths every year from water.
Is a disturbing finding of a new analysis of waterborne disease  from the CDC.
Data from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over last 10 years.
Robust bioflims provide a safe haven for microbes, protected from disinfectants.
Potentially deadly waterborne pathogens grow & escape into the air–
Thus sickening and killing thousands each year.

Bioflims prosper when water taps are not turned on for long periods of time.
So people should flush, run water, filter, & turn up water heater temp setting.
People should use distilled or boiled water for drinking and cooking.
Funding for water safety has stayed flat or decreased at federal & state levels.
Research, infrastructure, regs & the ability to increase compliance is the challenge.
6 M lead service lines with various owners and water systems.
Ownership & operation is split between the water system & property owners.
To remove these lines would recall a public health initiative is challenge.
Going to require a collaborative effort across a large number of communities.”

90% of all deaths & majority of hospitalizations from waterborne diseases are caused by 3 airborne pathogens that prosper in biofilms.
Health cost to deal with water are estimated at over $3 billion each year.
Total illnesses, visits to emergency rooms, hospitalizations, deaths & direct health care costs for 17 waterborne infectious diseases.
The analysis found that over 7 M waterborne illnesses occur each year.
600,000 visits to emergency rooms, 118,000 hospitalizations & 6,630 deaths.
Totaling $3.33 billion in direct health care costs.
Biofilm-associated pathogens were responsible for the highest number of hospitalizations and deaths.
Costing the US health care system $2.39 B annually.

“In the past 40 years, we’ve seen a significant decrease in waterborne disease but the complexities have increased with more building plumbing issues and more recreational water issues,”
— J. Alan Roberson, executive director of the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

“America’s newest water safety challenge is something you’ve never heard of”CNN: https://apple.news/AmWQK-yF7Spa7j-GjMeASTQ

The CDC Study;
Lead author Sarah Collier, an analytic epidemiologist at the CDC.
Journal Emerging Infectious Disease


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