Feeling Like You Are in the Dumper? Here are 25 Action-ables for a New Morning Routine To Help You Get Going Again Until COVID Is Under Control.

We all need a guide, a list, an ignition to keep us going.
See if the List below will help you pull everything together.

These actions could not be more timely and needed.
Suggest you print out, grab on, and take action

See the listing.  There are at least another 25 on the linked list. [See the Link below]
Give the list a try,  Suggest you print out and posted above your desk

The best morning routine will be your selection of action-ables that fit you
and your needs at the moment:

  1. Loosen your muscles with a foam roller. 
  2. Do a short exercise session. .
  3. Find a new healthy recipe.
  4. Drink a full glass of water. 
  5. Drink coffee..
  6. Drink tea. .
  7. Brush your teeth … mindfully.
  8. Take a cold shower. 
  9. Do the Wim Hof method
  10. Cross off yesterday from your calendar.
  11. Write Morning Pages. 
  12. Notice your first thought. “
  13. Do productive meditation.
  14. Think of a one-word description.
  15. Video log.. Share with others or keep it private.”
  16. Capture a second a day
  17. Photo log.
  18. Read a book.
  19. Listen to a podcast
  20. Take in a TED talk.
  21. Be grateful..
  22. Read a blog post or article..
  23. Work on a crossword puzzle.
  24. Learn and absorb one to three new things. .
  25. Write down 10 new ideas. 

SEE the Link in SOURCE for another 25 things you can do.  

Inc Magazine
50 Ideas to Help You Design Your Perfect Morning Routine –



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