California’s Leadership in Climate Change Challenged by Lack of Urgency, Bureaucracy, Absence of Off Shore & Wind Sourcing, & Governor’s Demands

Critics of CA Clean Energy push demands for more urgency to meet goals.
Claims that cautious regulators & bureaucrats are stifling needed infrastructure.
Need to reduce emissions while phasing out fossil fuels & adding solar farms.
The Planet is warming & 24 years is not a long time to implement changes.

Objective is to generate fewer planet warming emissions in California.
Also accomplish Less blackouts, Wild fires, &  geothermal disruption.
Further reduce conditions & infrastructure that ignite wild fires.
Climate activists say Newsom is setting up State for failure.
Frustrations over lack of planning of off shore wind projects.

Find a places along the coast for a fleet of offshore wind turbines.
Create more Solar farms & transmission lines to deliver.
Build Geothermal plants using Earth’s subterranean heat &  Lithium batteries.
Do Planning for enough Transmission lines & bigger power grid are critical.
Implement transmission corridor Path 26 or Undersea cable to LA.
Urge Governor to appoint thoughtful and committed leaders.
State Government must play a more active role per activists.
Plan to spend $15B in next two years to prevent more wild fires.

California Wind Energy Association
California Energy Commission
Pacific Transmission Expansion
National Defense Council
Union of concerned Scientists
Public Utilities Commission
|Air Resources Board

SAYS:  [What They are Saying]
“We’re just pounding our heads against the wall” [to get off shore wind planning] – Nancy Rader, Exec Dir, California Wind Energy Assn.
“Unfortunately, years of bureaucratic delays have caught with us.,”—Erin Mellon, Newsom spokesperson

State law that mandates 100% clean energy by 2045.
2/3 of California’s electricity came from climate friendly sources

Ed Randolph
John White, Dir., Ctr for Energy Efficiency
Danielle Osborne Mills, Dir American Clean Power Association
Robert Mitchell, Cofounder of Three Rivers Energy Development
Nancy Rader, Exec Dir, California Wind Energy Assn.


LAT 02 14 21 ISSUE –  “Can state pull off !00% clean energy?” –





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