United Spending $1Billion for Electric Air Taxis as Seeks to Reduce Carbon Foot Print by 2050 & Build Back Travel Volume Post COVID

How do you get to the Airport in Next 3 years? Take an Air Taxi from remote lot.
United Airlines to buy 200 flying taxis to shuttle people off airport & to plane.
Cost of environmental travel to weigh heavily on consumer eco conscious consumers.
Passengers to park off airport & E-air taxi to terminal and their jet fueled flight.

Archer, Maker of Flying Taxis, is going Public via SPAC plus Mesa backing.
Deal valued at $3.8 B- Archer expects $1.1B proceeds to combined companies.
Archer to begin production of electric air taxis in 2023.
Currently, there is no substitute for Jet fuel to power aircraft; Electric forthcoming.
Carbon offset purchases from UA could pay to plant trees to remove CO2

Air taxis to cut carbon dioxide emissions by one half>
EV power may limit use of air taxis to short trips.z
Policy makers considering taxing jet fuel more until electric in place.
Meantime, Airlines continue reliance of the purchasing of carbon offsets.
Drastic action might be to suck CO2 out of the air & store underground

Airlines account for 2% of global carbon emissions.
12% overall carbon dioxide emissions come from Transportation.
UA pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050

COMPANIES:  [Involved in Air Taxi Development, Funding, & Management]
Archer, Palo Alto [Makes the air taxies]
Mesa Air Group
International Council of Clean Transportation
Atlas Crest Investment Corp [SPAC company]


“With the right technology, we can curb the impact aircraft have on the planet,
but we have to identify the next generation of companies who will make this a reality early
and find ways to help them get off the ground,” ——United Chief Executive,  Scott Kirby

WSJ “United Looks to a Startup to Buy Flying Electric Taxis” – https://www.wsj.com/articles/united-airlines-invests-in-electric-air-taxis-11612981954

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