“We Will Leave the Light on For You”–Hot Earth or Geothermal Energy Could Replace Fossil & Renewable Fuel Sources of Electricity for Several Years.

Geothermal Project is to tap intense heat & steam 1 – 2 miles down in Earth.
Challenge is to develop a process of mining the heat generated from the Earth.
Geothermal energy is clean, renewable resource. harnessed for use as heat & electricity.

Does not require storage so gives Geothermal enormous potential for future.
The so called Learning rate of solar energy is high.
Geothermal energy is more efficient, & cost effective than burning fossil fuels.
Ultimate source of geothermal energy is radioactive decay of earth elements.
Geothermal is form of renewable nuclear energy without problems of waste disposal.

Solving Geothermal retrieval could solve global energy problem.
Could supply energy for the World for 2 M years.
Heating networks are fed & whole city areas are supplied with electricity.
With temperature level high, geothermal power plants can  generate electricity.
Geothermal has the potential to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Geothermal how accounts for 0.4% of total electricity production.
Presently, 80% of total energy consumption comes from oil. Gas,& coal.
So far 446.000 jobs have been created from Solar & Wind In 2019.

U.S. Relies on these fuel sources:
 Oil  –  37%
Natural Gas  – 32%
Coal – 11%
Renewables – 11%

COMPANIES [Involved in developing Geothermal Energy];
AltaRock Energy
Geothermal Entrepreneurial Organization – Austin
Global Carbon Project
International Renewable Energy Agency


David Cohen, Associate Professor, Rice
James Beard,  Executive Director, Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO)

“As state and national policies move to significantly reduce climate changing power emissions,
geothermal is a baseload clean energy that can replace baseload fossil fuels at a
minimum cost to the power system,” — Karl Gawell, GEA’s executive director.

“ Untapped Potential of Geo Thermal” – https://www.energy.gov/articles/doe-releases-new-study-highlighting-untapped-potential-geothermal-energy-united-states

Tapping into the potential of geothermal energy – https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/413423-tapping-into-the-potential-of-geothermal-energy


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