Dealer Creates In-house Tech School Training Department as Pipeline for New Technicians & Teachers; Prep to Service Hi Tech Vehicles

Dealerships continue to have recruiting and turn over challenges.
Toyota dealership solves the problem by making Techs in-house  teachers.

Training program Increased the certification levels of techs in the dealership.
Core idea allows techs to teach helps bring new technicians into the business.
Skills of instructors & master technicians increases certification levels of mechanics.

Programs solved tech service recruiting problem at a dealership.
Built its own pipeline of highly trained technicians.
Scoured senior technician ranks for those who had communication skills.
Then trained them to teach, mentor & staff dealer departments.
Process developed coaches among fellow techs.
Senior techs have a wealth of experience and knowledge

The Dealership & People Who Made this Happen:
Magic Toyota, Edmunds, WA
Paul Chung, Dealer GM
David Broadus,  President


“Every single dealer should have an in-house instructor to bring their techs up,
otherwise, they’re going to fail” and either grow bored or leave for greener pastures”
“Really, my main and only goal is to improve the business from the inside and build the legacy.”
—- Matt Stroud, Master Trainer & Technician

Magic Toyota Sales 2020– 2,400 New 1,500 Pre owned

Automotive News March 1 Issue
“New-school solution for recruiting auto techs” –

Larry P. Vellequette,  Reporter covering Toyota and Volkswagen for Automotive News

Also Snap-on Tools provided tools for new technicians


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