California Horse Racing Board Puts Forth Vets to Garner Confirmation & Credibility of Changes & New Actions to End Horses Dying on Tracks & In Training



The CHRB and major tracks like Santa Anita have sought changes in racing practices over time.
While many of these changes have alleviated deaths, horses are still dying of injuries.
The economics & traditions of horse racing outweigh the solutions to the real cause.
98% of the horses put down are under developed & less than 5 years old. 

SOLUTIONS: [As put forth by the Retainer- Bound Vets at CHRB];
See summary of changes in horse management submitted by 2  vets at recent conference.
Both veterinarians work in California, where changes came quickly.
The Two Vets who testified:
Ryan Carpenter, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS, of Equine Medical Center
Timothy Grande, DVM, MPH, official vet for California Horse Racing Board,

The Changes in Rules and Practices as presented included:

  • Mandatory stand-down times after treatments and therapies such as joint injections and shock wave;
  • Updated medication policies, especially regarding non-steroidal anti-inflammatories;
  • The elimination of race-day medications, including furosemide (Lasix) in 2-year-old races and graded stakes races;
  • Policies requiring veterinary examinations at specific times, such as post-race, post-workout, and out-of-competition, as well as at-risk exams and training observation;
  • The elimination of riding crops for exercise riders; and
  • An assessment of injuries, diagnostics, and treatments when removing horses from the veterinarian’s list and returning them to active status

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