Molokai County Agent Applies Law of Minimum to Determine Plant Nutrient Deficiencies; Presented Native Hawaiian Beginning Farmer Program at Cornell

Molokai farmers working to make the Island less dependent on imported food.
County agents like Glenn Teves seek to educate, nurture, & help Molokai farmers succeed.
See and stream Glenn’s presentation at Cornell in March 2021 from You Tube link BELOW

It is essential that you walk through Glenn’s presentation on You Tube BELOW.
Go to link below and take in the impact & importance of this presentation.
Glenn prevails with incessant talks, programs, and hands on training.
Glenn made recent Online presentation at Cornell shows what can be done with farmers.
Science driving Beginning Farmer Program comes from the Law of the Minimum.
Derived from Justus von Liebig’s Law of the Minimum [See Link below]
Growth is dictated not by total resources available, but by scarcest resource.
States that if essential plant nutrients is deficient, plant growth will be poor.

What are the most important resources that’s limiting agriculture development
and expansion in Hawaii, particularly on Molokai.?

Agricultural Land
Competitive advantages
Will of the people
Political will of Government
 All of the above

Molokai continues to look for ways to resurrect a new kind of agriculture.
Seeking a form of diversified agriculture; identifying new crops, & new market.
While creating competitive advantages in the process.
Need for rebuilding old plantation water systems & creating more food.
Over 27 issues were identified & voted on by Molokai farmers in the past.

Here are the top 5 priorities identified by Glenn Teves:

  1. Alleviate prevailing winds in the farming area.
  2. Preserve, maintain, & develop Molokai Irrigation System for agricultural use.
  3. Develop a post-harvest cooling facility for agriculture products on Molokai.
  4. Develop University Cooperative Extension Service demo farm on Molokai.
  5. Improve harbor and transportation services for agricultural products.

Glenn Teves in March 21st at Cornell on You Tube –

Jennifer Hawkins –

Jr Ext Agent
Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences
Molokai Extension Office

Law of Minimum –



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