Microplastics Causing Horrifying Problem in the Ocean; Falling from the Sky: Literally Raining Plastic; Bottles, Clothing, Wipes Break Down & Blow As Particles.

1,100 tons of microplastics are floating over the western United States & adjoining ocean.
Particles stay airborne for nearly a week–enough time to cross oceans.
Blow in from & to the Ocean, particularly West Coast

Plastics that are falling from the sky are smaller than 5 ml & from many sources.
Plastic bags & bottles thrown into waterways & break down into smaller pieces.
Even your washing machine is another source of tiny microfibers.
Particles fall off washed synthetic clothing; Flushed into wastewater treatment plants.
Any remaining microfibers get flushed out to ocean along with the treated water

Amount of microplastics causes us to look at clothing, microfiber towels & cloths, sanitizing wipes, differently.
Even surgical masks are made with some type of synthetic material.
Could one day become millions of micro plastics stuck in someone’s lungs.

 84% of airborne microplastics come from the roads outside of major cities,
Additional 11% possibly blowing all the way in from the ocean.
More microplastic particles blowing out over the ocean than going into it

 “Plastic is the new acid rain.” – Matt Simon, the author of the Wired article
“So much has accumulated in the ocean that the land may now be a net importer of microplastic from the sea.”—Janice Brahney, Environmental scientist.  Utah State University.

“The amount of plastics that are in our ocean is just overwhelming compared to anything that we produce in any given year in the terrestrial environment.”

“It could just be moving around the surface of the Earth endlessly.”

“That’s just really horrifying to think about.”

It’s Literally Raining Plastic” –https://cleantechnica.com/2021/04/16/its-literally-raining-plastic/

New modeling recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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