Time to Really Do Something About Barriers of Success for Women of Color: Find Ways To Deal With Double Jeopardy & The Concrete Ceiling of Racism & Lack of Diversity. Wake Up.


Some say lack of diversity is due to there not being enough qualified talent.
Not hiring qualified women of color in technology is keeping women out [Period}
Microaggressionsunconscious bias, & lack of representation are examples.
Practice upholds and enable racism and discrimination in the workplace to go on.
Need to do something about barriers to career success standing in way of women of color.
Start by
analyzing how the concepts of “double jeopardy” and “the concrete ceiling.
Research shows how double jeopardy negatively affects professional lives of women of color.

Current women’s experience in business clouds their ability to see what is possible.
Standards of professionalism have been defined by white, heterosexual, gender men.
Thus the standards for work established by white males are the “norm.
Microaggressions, gaslighting, tone policing,question woman of color’s “cultural fit,” & navigating a system.
Leadership & management not successful in acknowledging the long-term effects of racial & gender discrimination in lives of women of color.
We have not created pathways to remove roadblocks that affect the careers and well-being of women of color.


Five actionable ways that leaders and management teams can begin to level the playing field for women of color:

  • Expand your definition of leadership.
  • Be fearless in your ally-ship. .
  • Hold leaders accountable.
  • Don’t shy away from uncomfortable conversations.
  • Start by listening to and affirming the experiences of women of color.
  • Recognize and celebrate the contributions of women of color.

Three pathways attaining diversity to focus on:

  1. Power of Community| Building a support system
  2. Mentorship|. Find a like-minded mentors
  3. Self-care| Claim autonomy over your health

Women of color comprise only 4 percent of C-level positions.
As they represent 18 percent of the US population.
White men account for 68 percent of these positions.
While representing only 31 percent of the US population.
White women make up 19 percent of these positions.
Represent 30 percent of the US population.


The Concrete Ceiling – https://ssir.org//entry/the_concrete_ceilingutm_source=Enews&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=SSIR_Now

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