Climate Change Creating Need for Reef Restoration Technology In Caribbean & Hawaii; Ocean Acidification & Hurricanes Have Damaged & Left Reefs Dead.


Coral reefs are dying in many global oceans.
Project Underway to create reef restoration technology & recolonization.
Project will span 1 hectare (2.6 acres) of dead reef off coast of Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda.

Effects of climate change have led to coral bleaching and consequent coral loss.
Uptick in ocean acidification & hurricanes wreaked havoc on the world’s reefs

Scientists will test new technologies aimed at speeding up coral growth.
Seeks to mimic the design and shape of natural reefs in the ocean.
Will provide opportunities for colonization by corals & other marine life.
Then will be up to various ocean locales to take action to repair reefs.

1) Coral Reef Project: Molokaʻi –

2) coral reef restoration technology aims to reverse climate change damage



Coral reefs support 25% of marine biodiversity, including turtles, fish & lobsters,

“A lot of people don’t fully appreciate the state of the ocean because they don’t see it,” – Marine scientist Deborah Brosnan;
“The white sandy beach on a tropical island is actually parrotfish poop,” – Brosnan said.

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