“Don’t Come”; Root Causes of Influx of Migrants from Central America is U.S. Support Producing Economic Inequality & Ruling Elite, Not Workable Solutions


U.S. has contributed to problems & empowered corruption in Northern Triangle.
The Northern Triangle consists of El Salvador, Honduras, & Guatemala.
U.S. has trained right wing death squads, financed coups, & exploitive investments.
Fostered corruption seems to be principal cause of people migrating to the North.
Drives people North, siphons money, creates investment in exploitive companies.
Means no pathway for people to stay in their country & resist any longer.
People forced to go outside of asylum system & travel North to Border

Does not seem that Harris visit really got message to Leaders of Triangle governments.
Harris’ primary objective is alleviate Pandemic & natural disasters in Central America.
Proposed $ 40M Empowerment Initiative for indigenous young women.
Also sought to get CEOs involved– yet not sure who or which companies

U.S. works with Central America Leaders rather than cracking down on those complicit in corruption.
Need for people to understand & U.S. to take action on why migrants are fleeing North.
Organizations like Oxam tackle the underlying causes of forced migration from Central America.
Need to protect people with humanitarian aid by all countries in Western Hemisphere.
Go after smugglers of migrants- from and by U.S. and Mexico governments.
Revival of  Organization of Central American States, (ODECA), Never effective

Northern Triangle and Border Stabilization Act—Possible Solution
Authored by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif;
Sought to combat corruption, strengthen rule of law, tackle poverty.
Also fund civil society organizations to counter sexual, & gang violence.
Stood alone as most ambitious & comprehensive legislative solution.


“I came here from El Salvador, fleeing the gangs because they were threatening my life,”
“They killed my mother and my husband. That’s why I decided to come to this country – Woman who left Central America for Border

Thelma Aldana, Former Attorney General of Mexico
Gloria Porras, Former Judge
Max Quirin
Ivan Velasquez
Tedd Robinson
Richard Zuniga – U.S. Envoy
Noah Gottschalk, Global Lead at OXFAM
Ariel Ruiz Soto, Migration Policy Institute

Mary Anatasia o’Grady, WSJ Columnist
Tracy Wilkinson, LAT staff writer

A journey for justice in Central America – https://www.oxfamamerica.org/explore/stories/journey-justice-central-america-honduras-elsalvador/

Jean Guerrero, Book Author “Hatemonger, Stephen Miller”. [author of article)

800) 776-9326 donorinfo@oxfamamerica.org

Kamala Harris Staff:
Tina Flournoy, chief of staff,
Rohini Kosoglu, Domestic policy advisor
Nancy McEldowney , National security advisor




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