Twelve Race Horses Put Down at Santa Anita So Far in 2021; CHRB & Legislation Hopeful That New Law & Regs Will Solve Problem. Still Much Doubt



Industry leaders have heads buried, fingers crossed, & producing denial PR. 
Horse deaths from track break downs continue as Industry hunkers down.
Young horses are still being put down at Santa Anita Race Course & CA tracks.
California Horse Racing Board & Legislators remain quiet, in denial, & hopeful.
New regs and state & national legislation does not go into effect til 2022.

Here is a listing of Deaths to Date at Santa Anita in 2021: 

Date       Horse                        Age

June 18 Pushing Sixty 4
June 16 Meet at Dudleys 3
June 1 Agamemnon, 4
Apr 18 Multiplier 4
Apr 18 My Child Sbud 3
Apr 3 Call Sign Lucky 5
Mar 30 Nomadess 3
Mar 21 Mantra 5
Mar 3 Squeeky Cheeky 4
Feb 6 Natural History 4
Jan 23 Scats Choice 3
Jan 9th Cali Caliente 4
Jan 2nd Ebeko 2

t is worthy to note that every horse put down was 5 or younger.
The vet schools, track owners,  & some track vets have not said age is a factor.
Contention is that horse bone structure is not mature til 6 years of age.
Racing young horses and exposing to strain & stress is exploitive.
Muscle and skeletal injuries account for 80% of deaths at California race tracks
Half of those deaths stem from injuries to bones in the
horse’s ankle area,

Really change the industry, economic model, and culture to protect young horses.
Seek to not race these young horses till at least 6 year of age. Five, at least.
The Truth– This will never happen – Economically & culturally not possible.

The Killing Fields: Dead Racehorses at the Various Tracks (176 – and counting)


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