What’s Happening That Should Be? Problems, Issues, & Obstacles That Need to be Solved; Here is a Listing of What Could Be Done to Make Things Happen



There are a whole lot of things that need to be fixed in Our Country.
By making a list, may cause on going work to make things happen.
This working list is subject to redefinition, repositioning, and reformation.

SOLUTIONS: [Fifteen Possible Action-ables] 

Realize, Recognize, & Respond to Climate Change

Stop Racing Young horses & Use of Drugs

Acknowledge & Counter Systemic Racism

End Filibusters in U.S. Congress

Reduce Use of Fossil Fuel

Limit & Make Public All Campaign Contributions

Retrieve Trash from the Ocean

Make Amazon & Big Techs ESOPs

Implement Expanded Corporate Diversity & Women Leadership

Plant Trees in Burned Out Areas of CA & The West

Limit Election Campaigns to 90 days – National ,State, & Local

Establish Universal National Service –  Bring back Civilian Conservation Corps

Recycle & Re-Use All Plastics

Merge City Police, Fire Emergency, & All Municipal services into one department

Increase Funding of  all City Departments from Bottom Up

Aggregated & Defined by:

Chuck Parker, Publisher
Fixes and Solutions



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