How Does Your Weed Garden Grow? Kill Them Off But Not With Roundup; Instead Powerful Cheap Vinegar Based Organic Alternatives Work Great & Are Safe For Pets & People.


People are starting NOT to use Roundup to kill garden & lawn weeds any more.
Organic weed killers are on the market & homemade version easy to make.
Home made weed killers made from vinegar and other household items being adopted.
Household vinegar isn’t strong enough to do much good against tough weeds;
So some gardeners swear by horticultural or industrial vinegar with 20-30% acetic acid.

Commercial Round Up has not been proven safe despite the PR counter blitz.
Reasons for alternatives is Roundup & other herbicides contain glyphosates.
Effective system herbicides do kill many types of annual and perennial weeds.
If used as directed, herbicides are not supposed to harm nearby plants.

Organic weed killers contain combo of clove oil, citrus oil, lemon juice,& vinegar;
Home Made Alternative Week Killer to Commercial Roundup can be easily made.
See formula for Organic weed killers made from Vinegar’
Just as powerful without risks;
Be sure to wear goggles & protective clothing–vinegar can burn the skin & eyes.
Growing number of manufacturers claim products are safe for people and pets;
See Safe Commercial Alternatives to Glyphosate based Round up listed in link below.

Meantime, Why Protect Your Pets:
Pet owners should study up on essential oils before trying weed control solution.
Many essential oils are toxic to cats and dogs, and some may be fatal.
If you have pets then use Corn gluten: A byproduct of corn starch processing;
Corn gluten is a dry powder that is safe for people and the environment.

Here is the recipe for the pet-safe weed killer from Cheri Parker.
1 Gallon white vinegar
2 cups Epsom salts
1/2 cup Dawn Dishwashing Soap

Safer Alternatives To Roundup – How To Kill Weeds Without Roundup –

Cheri Parker Home Made Weed Killer Recipe [ See Above]


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