Increasing High Tides to Cause Coastal Flooding in Hawaii & Pacific Coast: Sea Level Rise & Natural Tide Fluctuations To Impact Communities over 10-year period;


Accelerating number of high-tide flooding days to start in the mid-2030s.
Novel statistical model to projects future flooding days for Hawaii.
Will figure & reflect changes in tidal range and sea-level projections.

SOLUTIONS: See Model & Study
Oahu’s Resilience Strategy document includes a climate adaption strategy.
Calls for coordinated effort to protect transportation infrastructure, water systems and housing stock from sea level rise

Rapid increases in flooding at high tide expected in coastal areas.
Includes Gulf of Mexico and Pacific coastlines, including Hawaii.
Many cities on Atlantic Coast already plagued by sunny-day flooding,
Mid- to late-2030s to be the tipping point from which a regional issue transitions.
Will affect majority of the nation’s coastlines, including West Coast.
Honolulu to experience between 56 &150 “record” nuisance days year by 2040s.

“The change over in a decade will be drastic,” –Lead author Phil Thompson, director of the UH Sea Level Center and assistant professor of oceanography.
“Coastal communities had better prepare”_ – Thompson said.

Per NOAA, sea level is rising at a rate of about one-eighth of an inch per year
Rate expected to accelerate as oceans warm & expand as glaciers & ice sheets continue to melt.

“High-tide coastal flooding in Hawaii and other U.S. coastal regions to accelerate”-

(2) The Journal –   Nature Climate Change
3) Projections come from the same model using National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sea level rise scenarios for the 21st century.
4) Analyzed tide gauge data from 89 coastal locations across the country, Including 10 locations in Hawaii and U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands.

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